1. HIP-PLAN software system
    (standard cementless prostheses)

Drawing upon 19 years of clinical experience with Custom prostheses, Symbios has introduced the 1st system allowing control of the anatomical reconstruction of standard prostheses (SPS, SPS Modular and Custom stems). This system allows us to effectively optimise the treatment of all cases, from the simplest to the most complex.

The system consists of 3 elements:

1. 3D planning software: HIP PLAN
2. Adapted implants: SPS, SPS Modular, Custom
3. A specific surgical technique: reliable and reproducible
    positioning of the implants

The advantages for the patients are:

- The implants are fitted as pre-planned
-In each case, the surgeon can simultaneously check the length of   the leg and the femoral offset against the pre-plan, and thus   reduce the rates of limping and dislocations.

2. Custom prosthesis

Starting from a CT scanner examination, a Custom prosthesis adapts perfectly to the wide range of femoral anatomical variations across the population and allows the patient to recover a perfectly normal quality of life.

3. Large diameter hard-hard friction couple