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Secondary complications can occur several years after the implantation of the prosthesis. They are of three kinds:

1. Wear

During the patient's life, the components of the prosthesis articulate against each other and wear out. The debris produced can cause an inflammatory reaction leading to the resorption of the bone around the prosthesis.

2. Detachment of the prosthesis

The prosthesis must remain intimately fixed to the bone throughout the patient's entire life span. It can become detached for two main reasons:

- the resorption of the bone around the prosthesis
- a rupture or breakage due to fatigue of the parts fixing
  the prosthesis

The detachment of the prosthesis causes severe pain and requires a revision operation.

3. Secondary infection

The patient must adopt and maintain a hygienic life style to avoid the onset of late infection. unrelated to transmission via the blood steam. An infection around the prosthesis will cause loosening, and require a revision operation.